Haelan 951 "Hopeless 
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A Simple Guide

        How Haelan Conquers Cancer - A Simple Guide

   Cancer's Army                vs                     Haelan's Army

1. Angiogenisis - requires oxygen and a blood      1. Anti-angiogenisis - stops supply of oxygen and    
   supply to the cancer cell.                                      blood to  cancer cell.

2. Carcinogens damage DNA.                               2. Isoflavones repair and stop DNA damage.

3. Anti-apoptosis - unchecked cancer cell growth. 3. Induces apoptosis (cell death) - restores cell
   Cancer cells multiply and form tumors.                  damage and restores programmed cell death cycle.
                                                                             Cancer cells then die.

4. Weakens healthy cells thus diminishing            4. Boosts potency of cell's cyto-toxic compound
   cyto-toxic effect of body's natural NK Killer           (NK Killer cells.)

5. Suppresses immune system's natural ability      5. Boosts immune system's ability to engulf, digest,
   to kill and dispose of foreign proteins such            and remove (dispose) cellular debris including
   as cancer.                                                           cancer. (700% increase.)

6. Mitosis - individual cancer cells have a              6. Anti-mitosis - Slows the cancer growth rate and
    growth rate called a "doubling effect". Some          delays the onset of cancer allowing more        
    are very fast and some are slow.                           time for the other anti-cancer mechanism's to go 
                                                                               into action to eradicate cancer.                             

                                                                          7.  Produces beneficial metabolites (MTD-13) which induce
                                                                               cell death.
                                                                           8. Increases production of interlukens thereby improving 
                                                                               overall body functioning.
                                                                           9. Reduces level of carcinogenic estrogens called
                                                                               4 Hydroxyestrogens and 16 Hydroxyestrogens 
                                                                               which damage DNA. Studies show 81% decrease in       
                                                                               bad estrogens. 

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