Haelan 951 "Hopeless 
                 No More"
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"My doctor expected me to croak. I was not given any chance of survival...Now they call me a 'miracle' !" 
Al S. age 47, Haelan recepient in total remission after stage 4 Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis 


                   Welcome to Haelan
    "Hopeless No More"!

      Haelan951 is a remarkably powerful nutritional fermented soy beverage that has staggering benefits for those suffering from cancer including:

     1. Colon/rectal cancer
     2. Breast cancer
     3. Prostate cancer
     4. Lung cancer
     5. Brain cancer
     6. Melanoma
     7. Pancreatic cancer
     8. Hodgkin's lymphoma
     9. Liver cancer
    10. Ovarian cancer
   11. Bone cancer

   It also helps patients to tolerate the toxic side effects of
   chemotherapy and thereby complete their treatment.

   Other diseases that it has proven effective in helping   


     1. Auto-immune
     2. AIDS
     3. Lymes
     4. Multiple Schlerosis
     5. Emphysema
     6. Silicosis
     7. Asbestosis

   Haelan is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy,
   anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic and a vasodillator.

So what exactly is Haelan 951?

        Haelan ("to heal") is a fermented soybean beverage that is manufactured from whole, non-genetically modifed soybeans. The patented production involves a fermentation process that breaks down the beneficial soybean nutients that can be absorbed into the blood and tissues.These micronutrients become bio-available and help with the repair process of DNA.

To further harness Haelan's healing properties, it's nitrogenation process hydrolyzes many of the soybean proteins into bio-active amino acids and compounds consisting of various fermentation metabolites of the naturally occurring isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols, and phytic acid compounds found in soybeans.

In research conducted by the National Cancer Institute these five micronutrients were recognized as having anti-cancer properties. 

For cancer patients it triggers a powerful setback to advanced cancer by helping cut off the blood supply that tumors depend on, thereby shrinking the tumor, and reverses DNA back to normal. For those undergoing chemotherapy it dramatically alleviates the unpleasant side effects thus allowing for completion of treatment.

If all of this sounds too technical or too good to be true, consider the following:

*  Vickie was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer which had moved
o her bones and lungs.Her doctor said it was the fastest growing
   cancer he had ever treated.She was moved to a hospice. In thirty
   days after taking Haelan 951, X-rays confirmed that her CEA tumor
   marker tests had dropped forty-one points. After continuing the
   Haelan for 11 months her doctor reported that all X-rays were
   normal. She credits Haelan with saving her life.

* During gall-bladder surgery, a construction worker was
  found to have pervasive cancer throughout his body. He was
  given very low survival odds. Seven months later, after
  taking Haelan 951, tests showed no cancer in his body.

* A prostate cancer patient's PSA levels were 200 in January.
  After taking Haelan 951 his PSA level droppped to 2.9 by
  June. By July tests showed no cancer.

* A 73 year old patient with squamous cell bladder and
  prostate cancer took Haelan 951 and had his remission
  documented through "before and after" biopsy reports from
  Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital.

* The National Cancer Institute accepted and verified a case
  whereby a patient with pancreatic cancer that had spread
  to the gall bladder and intestines was tested as being
  cancer-free after several months of treatment with Haelan.

All of these individual accounts of cancer patients have two
distinct similarities:

All received conventional supervision and all had Haelan 951, as adjuvant therapy.




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